Give Yourself a Wealth Building RAISE – Part 2

Give yourself a RAISE! Easier said than done? Nope. Just easier! Here’s the continuation of what I shared earlier, Give Yourself a Wealth Building RAISE Part 2! I am constantly working with my wealth coaching clients about the five key principles that you can count on to help you achieve total financial freedom.

When I say give yourself a RAISE, I mean use the word R.A.I.S.E. to make changes in your life starting today. RAISE stands for: Respect, Assets, Initiative, Systemize, and Empowering.

So far I’ve talked about – R for RESPECT! Respect yourself. Take care of your body, mind and spirit and your money!

Today, I am talking about – A for ASSETS! There is little wealth without them. Learn what an asset is, why it’s important to your long-term financial well being. Take online investment classes, get on one of our finanical webinars but do whatever it . . . → Read More: Give Yourself a Wealth Building RAISE – Part 2

Your RAISE is Getting Bigger!

In the quest to give us all a RAISE, I have been challenging you to think beyond your paycheck. Think beyond the bills of this month and think like a wealth building, saving tax money, money making mad man (or woman ). The word RAISE stands for Respect, Assets, Initiative, Systematize, and Empowering. Today, let’s look briefly at S for Systematize and then get to action!

S is for SYSTEMATIZE! Don’t let the phrase “wealth building” intimidate you. No matter how much money you have or don’t have, there is no better way to build wealth than using a systematic, tried and proven approach. Systematize the process of making money and you’ll make it much easier. Systematize how much you save each month.

Systematize how you pay your bills. Systematize your investment approach. Become an automatic millionaire by putting systems in place that don’t let procrastination steal your wealth building . . . → Read More: Your RAISE is Getting Bigger!

Who am I and What is Wealth Coaching?

As I get ready to head to San Jose to teach at  the first ever totally FREE 3 day Infinite Wealth Systemworkshop I realize there are a lot of people asking me to explain more about our coaching programs. So, in the interest of helping you create total financial freedom, plan for retirement, or just figure out how to make more money in this crazy economy we did a Podcast about some of my wealth building strategies you will learn in our group and/or one-on-one wealth coaching programs.

Play this short Podcast to learn a little more about me and get a brief introduction to some of our wealth coaching programs.

Are You Wealth Ready? If you are ready to start building your financial freedom, join us for a wealth seminar California style next week! At the FREE Infinite Wealth System workshop you will learn a ton of . . . → Read More: Who am I and What is Wealth Coaching?

5 Really Rich, Wealthy, Wise Reasons to Get to our Infininte Wealth System Workshop!

Wow! I can’t believe I’m getting on a plane again today to head to San Jose for another chance to share wealth building ideas and help people begin to create their total financial freedom strategies at the Infinite Wealth System workshop!  This is a RECORD BREAKING event so far with more people registered for this three-day wealth building course than ever before.

Learn to Make and Keep Thousands Extra This Year George Antone, me and a select team of wealth-building experts will be sharing some of the most powerful, innovative, saving tax money-kinda info you’ve ever seen. You’ll learn how to recapture some of that 65% of your income that now flies out of your pocket in taxes and interest payments! You’ll learn how to make extra money without having to compromise your lifestyle. And… you’ll learn to have fun making money without having to get an extra job or . . . → Read More: 5 Really Rich, Wealthy, Wise Reasons to Get to our Infininte Wealth System Workshop!

Dentists Fills Financial Knowledge Cavity With Gold

Dr. Heather Scorza can fill a cavity, pull a tooth or cap that chip faster than anyone but what they didn’t teach her in dental school was how to create wealth or manage money. That’s why she’s now a graduate of the Infinite Wealth System workshop!

Now she knows how to eliminate debt fast and make extra money safely. She came to our wealth seminar California style and learned that unlike online investment classes, planning your retirement is not as simple as yanking a molar or two! (not that that’s really all that simple either )

Wealth building tips can be found all over the Internet but effective wealth building strategies often require a coach approach.  That’s what I do.

See what my good dental friend has to say about our Infinite Wealth System workshops!

I work with the best minds in the wealth building business and we . . . → Read More: Dentists Fills Financial Knowledge Cavity With Gold

Financial Freedom from $5,000? A Wealth Building Tip You Can Use Today

There is a story that’s been told of the first European sailors to approach a small little tropical island where the natives had inhabited the island for hundreds of years, unexposed to the changes in other parts of the world. The sailors came across the blue waters on the wide open horizon where their presence must have been so obvious.

You would think that the massive wooden ships with their tall masts and billowing sails must have been so easy to see that it should have caused quite a stirring among the island’s natives. Yet, the islanders had never been exposed to anything like this before. They had never seen a large sailing ship or any vessel of this size in their lives.

Amazingly, the islanders honestly could not see the ships sitting on the horizon. The visual produced by something so new, so unusual, had no frame of reference . . . → Read More: Financial Freedom from $5,000? A Wealth Building Tip You Can Use Today

Bankers Never Invest and Never Risk – Control is the Name of the Game

Control, control, control. It’s one of the first things to learn in building financial freedom. Let’s look at it from the banker’s perspective. The banker’s job is to manage the money flowing in and out of the bank. Not the bank’s money but the customer’s money. A good banker is involved in his community, good friends with important people, and always there when you need a safe place to put your money or to get a reasonable rate on a personal or business loan.

Risking Your Money, Not His He’s great at PR for the bank, giving away coffee cups, calendars, and other things that show his support for his community. He is constantly looking for ways to find savers and borrowers. The bank owner has made it very clear to its banker that he must always manage the bank in a way that shifts risk. In other words, don’t . . . → Read More: Bankers Never Invest and Never Risk – Control is the Name of the Game

Saving Tax Money in a Flat World

Until someone actually proved the world was not flat, you would have been considered totally crazy to think otherwise. Until someone proved that turning hot water into steam could run powerful steam engines and change the world of transportation you would have been considered a lunatic to think that a person could travel from city to city in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

And…until someone proved that you, yes you, can set up your own banking system and make money 24/7 with lower risk and consistent returns, just like a banker does, you would say this is just foolishness. But building financial freedom often requires a new way of thinking. Tax Savings & Wealth Building Ideas What once seemed impossible is now completely plausible, only if, you can make a paradigm shift, or a significant change in your point of view. If there is any area of . . . → Read More: Saving Tax Money in a Flat World

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