Your RAISE is Getting Bigger!

In the quest to give us all a RAISE, I have been challenging you to think beyond your paycheck. Think beyond the bills of this month and think like a wealth building, saving tax money, money making mad man (or woman ). The word RAISE stands for Respect, Assets, Initiative, Systematize, and Empowering. Today, let’s look briefly at S for Systematize and then get to action!

S is for SYSTEMATIZE! Don’t let the phrase “wealth building” intimidate you. No matter how much money you have or don’t have, there is no better way to build wealth than using a systematic, tried and proven approach. Systematize the process of making money and you’ll make it much easier. Systematize how much you save each month.

Systematize how you pay your bills. Systematize your investment approach. Become an automatic millionaire by putting systems in place that don’t let procrastination steal your wealth building . . . → Read More: Your RAISE is Getting Bigger!

Financial Crisis Fuels Wealth Building Workshop – News Release

News Release Wealth Brings Financial Solutions to Unemployed and Underpaid. Students learn to eliminate debt fast, make extra cash and build lifelong wealth in online workshop.

San Jose, CA (July 15, 2009) “The urgency people feel to get a handle on their finances is at an all time high. Fortunately, we have immediate solutions for those wanting more cash flow, lower taxes, and long-term wealth building strategies they can start on today,” says Gabby Huguenin, wealth coach, tax expert, and CEO of Wealth Classes Coaching, LLC. Huguenin is known for her skill at helping clients create long-term wealth strategies while dramatically reducing their tax liabilities. Her strategies have saved her clients over 14 million dollars in taxes in the last few years.

There really are secrets to creating wealth. The banking industry has been using them for centuries and Gabby Huguenin and her business partner, George Antone . . . → Read More: Financial Crisis Fuels Wealth Building Workshop – News Release

Financial Freedom from $5,000? A Wealth Building Tip You Can Use Today

There is a story that’s been told of the first European sailors to approach a small little tropical island where the natives had inhabited the island for hundreds of years, unexposed to the changes in other parts of the world. The sailors came across the blue waters on the wide open horizon where their presence must have been so obvious.

You would think that the massive wooden ships with their tall masts and billowing sails must have been so easy to see that it should have caused quite a stirring among the island’s natives. Yet, the islanders had never been exposed to anything like this before. They had never seen a large sailing ship or any vessel of this size in their lives.

Amazingly, the islanders honestly could not see the ships sitting on the horizon. The visual produced by something so new, so unusual, had no frame of reference . . . → Read More: Financial Freedom from $5,000? A Wealth Building Tip You Can Use Today

How to Turn $5,000 into $34,500

There’s a financial guru on TV who is quick to yell at people about their financial decisions. I heard her recently say that if you have an extra $5,000 in cash to invest that you should “Play it safe! Put it into the bond market.” This is a perfect example of allowing the tail to wag the dog. If you see investing as a separate and stand alone system, without integrating other critical wealth building systems, you are about to lose $34,500.

Why? Because a typical American family making $100,000 a year pays out over one third of their income in interest payments to a variety of lenders! The financial advisor that focuses on your $5,000 (and of course, her commission to invest it) is missing the opportunity to recapture the $34,500 going down the drain in interest payments.

Never forget the synergy of the other wealth building systems:

1. . . . → Read More: How to Turn $5,000 into $34,500

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