Today’s Your Day for the Biggest RAISE

Have you given yourself the RAISE you deserve yet? Remember, RAISE stands for:

R – RESPECT! Respect your body, your mind, and your money A – ASSETS! Learn what real assets are and why you must have them I – INITIATIVE! Get off your fat assets and take action S – SYSTEMATIZE! Systematize how you save, invest, and earn tax savings E – EMPOWERING! Empower yourself with knowledge and the right people

E is for EMPOWERING Today’s post is the final element of getting your RAISE. E is for EMPOWERING! Doing all of the above is empowering. If you want to take charge of your financial life you need to learn more to earn more. If you want to give yourself a RAISE then empower yourself with financial learning! Earning is in direct proportion to your learning.

Planning Your Retirement is Empowering This blog is like a wealth building guide . . . → Read More: Today’s Your Day for the Biggest RAISE

The Four I’s for Your Eyes Only!

Many traditional wealth building strategies are just out of date and if you don’t have new information you are not only missing great financial opportunity you are risking what you already have.

There are four powerful financial tools that you must understand in order to win at building lifelong wealth. These tax savings, money making, security building tools are critical to your wealth training. I call them “The Four I’s.”

“The Four I’s”

Interest Insurance Inflation Income Tax

An undeniable wealth principle is this. Either you have The Four I’s working for you or you have The Four I’s working against you. There is no other way. Most Americans fall victim to The Four I’s.  If you want total financial freedom, you’ll read with me each day as we go through the blessings and messings of each of The Four I’s. This would be a good time to join our . . . → Read More: The Four I’s for Your Eyes Only!

FAQ – How Can I Grow My Money in a Tax-Advantaged Environment – Podcast Answers

FAQ The nation’s recession is forcing is all to look at our finances much closer. Financial education tools are extremely valuable when our wealth-building strategy is under fire. Here you will find answers to your frequently asked financial questions. Tax-Advantaged Environment To grow your money in a tax-advantaged environment you must follow a wealth-building guide that is logical and sustainable. You also have to be open-minded enough to listen carefully and then get yourself into the right network of advisors and experts who know the rules.

There are a few places you can do this and I will share with you details on creating total financial freedom in this financial education video Podcast. Here are two things you must have to start creating a tax-advantaged environment:

1. A checkbook controlled IRA (That means YOU are in charge)

2. The proper legal entity structure for protection and growth (So no one . . . → Read More: FAQ – How Can I Grow My Money in a Tax-Advantaged Environment – Podcast Answers

Financial Freedom from $5,000? A Wealth Building Tip You Can Use Today

There is a story that’s been told of the first European sailors to approach a small little tropical island where the natives had inhabited the island for hundreds of years, unexposed to the changes in other parts of the world. The sailors came across the blue waters on the wide open horizon where their presence must have been so obvious.

You would think that the massive wooden ships with their tall masts and billowing sails must have been so easy to see that it should have caused quite a stirring among the island’s natives. Yet, the islanders had never been exposed to anything like this before. They had never seen a large sailing ship or any vessel of this size in their lives.

Amazingly, the islanders honestly could not see the ships sitting on the horizon. The visual produced by something so new, so unusual, had no frame of reference . . . → Read More: Financial Freedom from $5,000? A Wealth Building Tip You Can Use Today

Bankers Never Invest and Never Risk – Control is the Name of the Game

Control, control, control. It’s one of the first things to learn in building financial freedom. Let’s look at it from the banker’s perspective. The banker’s job is to manage the money flowing in and out of the bank. Not the bank’s money but the customer’s money. A good banker is involved in his community, good friends with important people, and always there when you need a safe place to put your money or to get a reasonable rate on a personal or business loan.

Risking Your Money, Not His He’s great at PR for the bank, giving away coffee cups, calendars, and other things that show his support for his community. He is constantly looking for ways to find savers and borrowers. The bank owner has made it very clear to its banker that he must always manage the bank in a way that shifts risk. In other words, don’t . . . → Read More: Bankers Never Invest and Never Risk – Control is the Name of the Game

How to Form a Wealth Building Team & Reduce Taxes

As the economy evolves, our wealth building and tax saving strategies evolve. That’s why I would like to introduce you to some of my millionaire friends. I have formed a team of like minded, very smart, high integrity people who are willing to share their insights on wealth building with my students.

Building financial wealth never happens one person at a time. I always say, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” I’m very excited about some of the changes we’ve recently made to our wealth coaching programs. Now you will have more opportunities to interact with highly successful people to hear their “secrets of success.”

Every week we bring in money experts, millionaires, and business experts for you to listen to and learn from in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to ask questions, solve problems and find ways to capitalize on financial opportunities when you join one . . . → Read More: How to Form a Wealth Building Team & Reduce Taxes

Wealth Classes Coaching & Legacy Building Solutions – An Overview

Legacy Solutions Now!

WealthClasses Coaching was founded early spring 2008 by Gabby Huguenin and George Antone. WealthClasses Coaching’s CEO and Director Gabby Huguenin has helped save entrepreneurs and W2 wage earners just under 14 million in income taxes over the past six years.

The intention behind Gabby’s efforts is to help people in their process of building financial freedom and assist them in creating a legacy that will last for generations to come. The only way one can build lifelong wealth that will make a difference long after you are gone is to protect your assets and do everything legally possible to reduce your tax liability. That’s where Gabby comes in!

WealthClasses Coaching has protected the assets of 38 students in 2009 and hundreds over the past 6 years. This is accomplished through an ongoing mentoring process. The significance of the smaller number is the individual support on a one . . . → Read More: Wealth Classes Coaching & Legacy Building Solutions – An Overview

The Decision to Build Lifelong Wealth – An Interview With Jim Britt

Building LIfelong Wealth is easier with mentors like Jim Britt.

I had a great conversation with the highly successful entrepreneur, master coach, and millionaire, Jim Britt on one of our recent connector calls. Jim shared some great insight about what it’s taken him to become a millionaire. If anyone understands the process of building lifelong wealth, it’s Jim.

If you are looking for a wealth building mentor let Jim be your wealth building guide! He was a great interview and I’ve typed up some highlights from that call so you have a clue what we talk about in our wealth coaching calls. Here are a few of my notes and a 10-minute audio clip from the call.

Jim talked about how he went from having $9.00 in his pocket and going to 23 different banks to get financing for his first business opportunity. Once he found the money he . . . → Read More: The Decision to Build Lifelong Wealth – An Interview With Jim Britt

Year End Tax Tips – That’s Tax Tips not Tax Tricks!

Last Minute Tax Tips and a Free 8-Week Class to Boot!

The end of the year is closing fast and now is the time to get the tax deductions you deserve by knowing what information to share with your CPA. Here are a few year-end tax tips to consider right now.

Year-End Tax Solutions: Read a few of these tax-saving, money making tips and I’ll give you a wonderful financial educational tool for absolutely free at the end of this post.

1.    If you might owe taxes… review the list of potential deductions. Do you know what’s available? Diane Kennedy’s book, Tax Loopholes of the Rich has a great list.   Also, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has a quick list of tax deductions for free that are often overlooked. Review these lists and look at where you spend money. Then bring this list to your CPA. I have a . . . → Read More: Year End Tax Tips – That’s Tax Tips not Tax Tricks!

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