Are you an Active or Passive Investor? Are you Sure?

An ACTIVE investor is someone that jumps out of bed every morning, excited about making multi-million dollar deals. She has no problems signing her name to a multi-million loan, risking the bank, and doing whatever it takes to make deals happen.

A PASSIVE investor on the other hand is someone that wants to enjoy life. He wants to travel the world and explore. She wants to be wealthy so that he or she can be sitting on a beach in Hawaii and totally enjoying her life.

Rich as Donald Trump A PASSIVE investor may not care to be as rich as Donald Trump but she wants to be wealthy enough not to have to worry about bills or dealing with a boss or a job or a daily commute to the office. Sounds pretty clear, right? Maybe.

It might seem like a difficult thing to decide whether you want to . . . → Read More: Are you an Active or Passive Investor? Are you Sure?

8 Banker’s Rules They Never Break!

To create wealth you must understand some fundamental wealth principles. Here is one aspect of our wealth coaching programs, learning how to think, act, and profit like a banker. So let’s get inside the bankers head and see what you can learn about your views of making extra money, building lifelong wealth and creating total financial freedom.

Bankers Think Safety First A banker is charged with the responsibility of running his bank at a profit. He is trained to think safety first.  Bankers follow a strict set of rules that have proven effective for hundreds of years. Anytime those rules are broken, banks get into trouble and bankers lose their jobs. We can see that in recent bank failures around the world. The Bankers’ Rule Number One is: Do not take risk.

As bankers bent this rule and started buying and selling over-valued mortgages, assuming the value of real estate . . . → Read More: 8 Banker’s Rules They Never Break!

The Four I’s for Your Eyes Only!

Many traditional wealth building strategies are just out of date and if you don’t have new information you are not only missing great financial opportunity you are risking what you already have.

There are four powerful financial tools that you must understand in order to win at building lifelong wealth. These tax savings, money making, security building tools are critical to your wealth training. I call them “The Four I’s.”

“The Four I’s”

Interest Insurance Inflation Income Tax

An undeniable wealth principle is this. Either you have The Four I’s working for you or you have The Four I’s working against you. There is no other way. Most Americans fall victim to The Four I’s.  If you want total financial freedom, you’ll read with me each day as we go through the blessings and messings of each of The Four I’s. This would be a good time to join our . . . → Read More: The Four I’s for Your Eyes Only!

Wealth Classes Coaching & Legacy Building Solutions – An Overview

Legacy Solutions Now!

WealthClasses Coaching was founded early spring 2008 by Gabby Huguenin and George Antone. WealthClasses Coaching’s CEO and Director Gabby Huguenin has helped save entrepreneurs and W2 wage earners just under 14 million in income taxes over the past six years.

The intention behind Gabby’s efforts is to help people in their process of building financial freedom and assist them in creating a legacy that will last for generations to come. The only way one can build lifelong wealth that will make a difference long after you are gone is to protect your assets and do everything legally possible to reduce your tax liability. That’s where Gabby comes in!

WealthClasses Coaching has protected the assets of 38 students in 2009 and hundreds over the past 6 years. This is accomplished through an ongoing mentoring process. The significance of the smaller number is the individual support on a one . . . → Read More: Wealth Classes Coaching & Legacy Building Solutions – An Overview