Wealth Building Workshop Filling up Fast

We are just days away from the next Infinite Wealth System workshop. I am very excited about this one because we have pulled out all the stops to help you achieve total financial freedom. There will be wealth building ideas galore, wealth building strategies you can take to the bank and what you will find most shocking is that you don’t have to change your lifestyle or cut your expenses to the bone to begin building financial wealth.

We’ll teach you how to use the power of finance in this tax savings, money making three day wealth building course! We’ll show you how to get rid of your debt extremely fast without having to live frugally!

Listen to what one of our recent workshop participants said about The Infinite Wealth System workshop.

The “Infinite Wealth System” is scheduled for three days at the Doubletree Hotel at 2050 . . . → Read More: Wealth Building Workshop Filling up Fast

Who am I and What is Wealth Coaching?

As I get ready to head to San Jose to teach at  the first ever totally FREE 3 day Infinite Wealth Systemworkshop I realize there are a lot of people asking me to explain more about our coaching programs. So, in the interest of helping you create total financial freedom, plan for retirement, or just figure out how to make more money in this crazy economy we did a Podcast about some of my wealth building strategies you will learn in our group and/or one-on-one wealth coaching programs.

Play this short Podcast to learn a little more about me and get a brief introduction to some of our wealth coaching programs.

Are You Wealth Ready? If you are ready to start building your financial freedom, join us for a wealth seminar California style next week! At the FREE Infinite Wealth System workshop you will learn a ton of . . . → Read More: Who am I and What is Wealth Coaching?

Think Small! Small Taxes That is!

As a little guy (or gal) fighting off the lawyers and tax collectors can be tough. But… there are some ways you can protect yourself, your assets and your future if you learn to Think Small! Small mistakes can cost big bucks in taxes. Most Americans are giving up way too much in hard-earned money to unnecessary taxes. This is what  cuts into your plan to build lifelong wealth. Saving tax money requires strategy. Think small when it comes to taxes. It’s the little things that become the big things. The details you don’t want to take the time to look for or learn may cost you a fortune in the long run. These are wealth principles that the wealthy live by.

In the last few years we’ve saved our clients millions in taxes. We teach our clients to live in a tax advantaged environment and that means they have . . . → Read More: Think Small! Small Taxes That is!

Hire Your Children – Cheap Labor or Wealth Building Strategy?

Can you see that future business man or women in your child’s eyes? There are plenty of legitimate ways to bring your children into your wealth building strategy and give them a great business learning opportunity at the same time. With all of the wealth training and wealth coaching that I do one of the commonly overlooked tax savings tactics is to employ your children for the benefit of your family and your business. Great Kids – Great Tax Deductions In 2009 you can pay your child under 18 years of age up to $5700 which could be considered non-taxable income to you.  Hey, you were already going to give them the money anyway so why not pay them in a tax advantaged environment to keep a little more of that hard earned money in your pocket.

When structured properly, there are significant benefits to hiring your children through your . . . → Read More: Hire Your Children – Cheap Labor or Wealth Building Strategy?


The banking industry has done a good job of letting us think that if we get a car loan from them for 6.5% then they must be making a profit of something less than 6.5%. They have also done a good job of teaching us to keep our eye on the interest rate. When they give us a break on our mortgage rate and drop it from 6% down to 5% we think we’re getting a fantastic deal and love our banks even more.

The Bank’s Primary Job The bank’s job is to circulate money. Although you, as a borrower, are concerned about the interest rate on your mortgage, the bank is concerned about flow. Not just cash flow but many types of flow. Flow is the name of the game in the banking world. The word flow is related to water, liquid, pool, reservoir. Cash flow, liquid assets, pool . . . → Read More: http://www.wealthbuildingdna.com/blog/saving-money-on-taxes/0/0/bankers-never-invest-and-never-risk-control-is-the-name-of-the-game-

Bankers Never Invest and Never Risk – Control is the Name of the Game

Control, control, control. It’s one of the first things to learn in building financial freedom. Let’s look at it from the banker’s perspective. The banker’s job is to manage the money flowing in and out of the bank. Not the bank’s money but the customer’s money. A good banker is involved in his community, good friends with important people, and always there when you need a safe place to put your money or to get a reasonable rate on a personal or business loan.

Risking Your Money, Not His He’s great at PR for the bank, giving away coffee cups, calendars, and other things that show his support for his community. He is constantly looking for ways to find savers and borrowers. The bank owner has made it very clear to its banker that he must always manage the bank in a way that shifts risk. In other words, don’t . . . → Read More: Bankers Never Invest and Never Risk – Control is the Name of the Game

Tax Planning and the Zero Sum Game

My partner, George Antone and I did a teleclass not long ago about the concept of the Zero-Sum Game. It was an eye opener for many students and I think it is time to revisit this concept because we’re past the half way point of the tax year. A little year-end planning starting about now would be a great idea!

Zero-Sum Game & The Stock Market You need to understand the definition of Zero-Sum Game because many of you are playing it and don’t know it. Here’s an example. Three guys go into a casino to play a little poker. They each have five chips at the table for a total of 15 chips in the entire game. At the end of the evening, one player has 5 chips, another has 10 and the third player has zero. A Zero Sum Game has just occurred for the loser. No more . . . → Read More: Tax Planning and the Zero Sum Game

7 Tax Saving, Money Making Tips You can use Today – Put $5,700 Back in Your Pocket

My friend Lance Hood is putting together a large group of authors, speakers, and experts on everything related to creating wealth for a FREE online teleclass series. He asked me to produce a quick video overview of what I will be speaking on. After I finished the video for his promotional purposes I took the same wealth building ideas I talked about in that video and put them into this Podcast.

There are seven tax-saving, money making ideas in this Podcast and you’ll even find ways to put your little ones on the payroll. In 2009 you can pay your children $5,700. That’s one way to shift some income and lower your tax liability. Of course, I’m speaking in general terms so always check with your tax professional regarding your unique situation.

With 65% of you money flying out of your pocket in taxes and interest you need to . . . → Read More: 7 Tax Saving, Money Making Tips You can use Today – Put $5,700 Back in Your Pocket

Speakers Announced for Greatest Living Success Coaches Teleclass

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Speakers Announced for Greatest Living Success Coaches Teleclass

Wealth coach Gabby Huguenin a bit of a “Shock Jock” in the financial planning world, prepares to ruffle a few entrepreneurial feathers in major wealth-building teleclass.

San Jose, CA (August 7, 2009) www.WealthBuildingDNA.com “We’re at a very critical juncture in this economy,” says Gabby Huguenin, wealth coach, tax expert, and CEO of Wealth Classes Coaching, LLC. “If American entrepreneurs don’t start taking responsibility for their financial situation by learning the fundamentals, we will continue to have high business startup failure rates.”

Huguenin is known for her direct style of telling it like it is as she speaks to business owners of large and small scale. Huguenin is a big believer in maximizing tax benefits by properly utilizing entity structuring to help create a tax . . . → Read More: Speakers Announced for Greatest Living Success Coaches Teleclass

Financial Freedom & Health Care

Earlier this year I posted blog about a few of the financial principles that I thought were so important. After seeing the chaos in the public meetings about our health care system and the politics of that whole process, it reminded me that all of us need to do a better job of taking care of ourselves with diet, nutrition, and exercise so we can minimize time in the health care system, andddddddddddddd… Building Financial Wealth/Health We need to do the same thing with our financial well being. We can talk about planning for retirement, tax strategies, passive income tactics and the like but most wealth creation begins in that gray matter between your ears. So here’s a quick review.

Give yourself a wealth building checkup on these three critical wealth-health principles to see how you are doing.

1. Financial Attitude: Our Financial Attitude is that wealth building is . . . → Read More: Financial Freedom & Health Care