Tax Planning for Doctors – Why a Wealth Team is Critical to Every Physician’s Retirement Plan

Tax planning for doctors is all too often put at the end of the long list of to do’s for fast-moving professionals. Part of any physician’s wealth building strategy needs to include personal advisors, wealth coaches, and industry specific legal and financial experts. I believe it is very important to learn all you can about wealth building strategies but that doesn’t mean you have to know everything and do everything yourself.

Nobody becomes wealthy without a team effort. Athletes don’t get to the Olympics without a great coach, students don’t graduate from medical school without great professors, bosses can’t do their job without great assistants and people don’t become wealthy without a wealth team.

Raymond Aaron, founder of “The Monthly Mentor” once said, “If you don’t have an assistant, you are one.” Tax Planning for Doctors – in 30 Seconds? High net worth tax planning is not exclusive to doctors . . . → Read More: Tax Planning for Doctors – Why a Wealth Team is Critical to Every Physician’s Retirement Plan

Millionaire Mindset – Foundation to Building Financial Freedom

As we prepare for the newest evolution of our popular Infinite Wealth System workshop I have to remind myself that so many people have forgotten the basics of building lifelong wealth. We all love hearing wealth building ideas but financial education tools must include more than a laundry list of money making ideas other people have used.

Wealth Classes is about building financial wealth from the inside out. We know that our beliefs drive our mindset and our mindset drives our success.

My challenge for you today is to learn, learn, learn, and then you’ll earn. If you are ready for money to flow into your life then it is time to create your own “Wealth Engine.” A wealth engine is a combination of tools, components, and fuel that will drive you toward financial freedom. Wealth Classes Coaching will give you the tools but you must provide all the fuels . . . → Read More: Millionaire Mindset – Foundation to Building Financial Freedom

Financial Crisis Fuels Wealth Building Workshop – News Release

News Release Wealth Brings Financial Solutions to Unemployed and Underpaid. Students learn to eliminate debt fast, make extra cash and build lifelong wealth in online workshop.

San Jose, CA (July 15, 2009) “The urgency people feel to get a handle on their finances is at an all time high. Fortunately, we have immediate solutions for those wanting more cash flow, lower taxes, and long-term wealth building strategies they can start on today,” says Gabby Huguenin, wealth coach, tax expert, and CEO of Wealth Classes Coaching, LLC. Huguenin is known for her skill at helping clients create long-term wealth strategies while dramatically reducing their tax liabilities. Her strategies have saved her clients over 14 million dollars in taxes in the last few years.

There really are secrets to creating wealth. The banking industry has been using them for centuries and Gabby Huguenin and her business partner, George Antone . . . → Read More: Financial Crisis Fuels Wealth Building Workshop – News Release

Why Don’t YOU be the Banker? Building Lifelong Wealth You can Bank on!

What if you were the banker? What if you could recapture some of that interest going out to the window and put it in your pocket instead of the banks? “Recapturing”  is a critical part of designing your own banking system. We’ll teach you more on that in future posts. We don’t suggest you attempt to set up an actual bank, we only suggest that you start to think, act, and profit like a banker.

To begin building lifelong wealth you must watch financial education videos, study financial education tools, take online investment classes, attend wealth building workshops and yes, again, begin to think, act, and profit like a banker!

Banking Facts You can Profit From Let’s start with some facts about bankers. Review these, think about your retirement plans or investment strategies and apply the following rules to your own financial situation.

1. Successful bankers don’t risk their money . . . → Read More: Why Don’t YOU be the Banker? Building Lifelong Wealth You can Bank on!

Guess who gets Returns of 40, 50, 60%? Another Control Issue?

The banking industry has done a good job of letting us think that if we get a car loan from them for 6.5% then they must be making a profit of something less than 6.5%. They have also done a good job of teaching us to keep our eye on the interest rate. When they give us a break on our mortgage rate and drop it from 6% down to 5% we think we’re getting a fantastic deal and love our banks even more.

The Bank’s Primary Job The bank’s job is to circulate money. Although you, as a borrower, are concerned about the interest rate on your mortgage, the bank is concerned about flow. Not just cash flow but many types of flow. Flow is the name of the game in the banking world. The word flow is related to water, liquid, pool, reservoir. Cash flow, liquid assets, pool . . . → Read More: Guess who gets Returns of 40, 50, 60%? Another Control Issue?

Turn Your Burn into an EARN! – Got Burned in the Market? Now What?

Flip on CNN and there’s good news about the economy then bad news about the economy. Creating wealth doesn’t depend on good news or bad news. It DOES depend on good thinking and bad thinking. Good thinking- “Hey, there’s a recession going on, I’m going see this as ‘recess’ and make the best of it!” Bad thinking- “Gee, I lost a ton of money in the market. I’m going to fire my broker/financial advisor/tax planner and do nothing at all.”

Let’s all Calm Down When the universe hands you a bucket of lemons go make some lemonade right?  Listen to this Podcast I just did because you will learn something about getting control of your finances, REGARDLESS of how bad or good your situation might be right now. Now it’s time to Turn Your Burn into an EARN! That’s the clever title of today’s Podcast.

TURN YOUR BURN INTO AN . . . → Read More: Turn Your Burn into an EARN! – Got Burned in the Market? Now What?

Beat the Strife of Life & the Stress of This Mess (With a Wealth Plan)

What do reducing taxes, creating wealth, and accountability contracts have to do with retiring wealthy? Wait a minute, you don’t know what an accountability contract is? In this Podcast we give a little more than your typical listing of wealth building tips. Accountability contracts are part of our wealth building program. If you are ready to Turn Your BURN into an EARN you’ll enjoy this Podcast! If your through being stuck in the past and you’re ready for something different, then take one of our free course, a teleclass, a paid coaching program or just give my last Podcast an ear.

What I’m talking about is how to take the things that are causing you strife and stress and turn it into a blessing of overflowing cash! If you’ve been burned in the market or your business or you’re just a little hot under the collar because of the economy . . . → Read More: Beat the Strife of Life & the Stress of This Mess (With a Wealth Plan)

Where do you Learn About Wealth Building?

I love wealth coaching. I truly enjoy helping people on their path to building total financial freedom. Yet, although I am very passionate about the power of our wealth coaching process, I recognize there are many ways to build lifelong wealth. For example, Money magazine, had a great article recently about the 7 New Rules of Financial Security. The article was good and probably helpful to many readers.

Entrepreneur Magazine had some great articles on marketing tactics, the impact of the stimulus plan, how Firewire Surfboards has reshaped an industry, and a few tips on whether or not to expand your franchise from one location to many. All good stuff but… pretty broad.

One of the things I believe is very important to building financial wealth is creating a team of people around you that can help you create wealth within your specific and unique situation.

Look for a . . . → Read More: Where do you Learn About Wealth Building?

Millionaire Jeff Black Shares his Insight

My friend and highly successful entrepreneur Jeff Black has given me some real pearls of wisdom over the years. Since the age of 16 he has been providing his business expertise to world class companies AND he has started a many multi-million dollar companies of his own. He helped launch Alta Vista,, and many others. His ideas are worth listening to!

I was reviewing some of my notes from one of his appearances on our wealth coaching call we do every Monday night called the Connector Program and I thought I would share some of his insight with you.

If you are interested in creating lifelong wealth, starting a business or just creating more of what you want in life, here are a few of the golden nuggets I pulled from my interview with millionaire entrepreneur, Jeff Black:

Jeff Black says (and I paraphrase a bit for space) . . . → Read More: Millionaire Jeff Black Shares his Insight

How to Form a Wealth Building Team & Reduce Taxes

As the economy evolves, our wealth building and tax saving strategies evolve. That’s why I would like to introduce you to some of my millionaire friends. I have formed a team of like minded, very smart, high integrity people who are willing to share their insights on wealth building with my students.

Building financial wealth never happens one person at a time. I always say, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” I’m very excited about some of the changes we’ve recently made to our wealth coaching programs. Now you will have more opportunities to interact with highly successful people to hear their “secrets of success.”

Every week we bring in money experts, millionaires, and business experts for you to listen to and learn from in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to ask questions, solve problems and find ways to capitalize on financial opportunities when you join one . . . → Read More: How to Form a Wealth Building Team & Reduce Taxes