Wealth Classes Coaching & Legacy Building Solutions – An Overview

Legacy Solutions Now!

WealthClasses Coaching was founded early spring 2008 by Gabby Huguenin and George Antone. WealthClasses Coaching’s CEO and Director Gabby Huguenin has helped save entrepreneurs and W2 wage earners just under 14 million in income taxes over the past six years.

The intention behind Gabby’s efforts is to help people in their process of building financial freedom and assist them in creating a legacy that will last for generations to come. The only way one can build lifelong wealth that will make a difference long after you are gone is to protect your assets and do everything legally possible to reduce your tax liability. That’s where Gabby comes in!

WealthClasses Coaching has protected the assets of 38 students in 2009 and hundreds over the past 6 years. This is accomplished through an ongoing mentoring process. The significance of the smaller number is the individual support on a one . . . → Read More: Wealth Classes Coaching & Legacy Building Solutions – An Overview

RESULTS! Wealth Building Tips from Happy Clients

I’m always giving out wealth building tips but it’s nice when a client gives them out for me!

“Hope of a future, faith in myself, techniques and tools to actualize a wealth plan.” This is what people are saying about Wealth Classes Coaching and the wide variety of classes and workshops we provide. Rich people look at a dollar bill and see a seed. A seed that once planted, will grow into a harvest of plenty more. Yet that seed needs nurturing and feeding to grow to its full potential. What do you see when you look at a dollar bill?

“What seeds will you plant today to bring you closer to achieving total financial freedom?”

If you are committed to building lifelong wealth but you don’t know where to start, listen to one of our workshop participants as she talks about my business partner George Antone and our Infinite . . . → Read More: RESULTS! Wealth Building Tips from Happy Clients

Legal Entities – Choosing the Right One for Maximum Wealth Building

We had a great call last night with my students who are working to discover new ways to grow and protect their wealth. Each Monday night during our Connector Coaching Program give specific wealth building ideas and actions to help build lifelong wealth. Here are some of the points I shared last night about setting up the right type of entity structure to protect yourself and your assets.

Having the right legal entity structure does two very important things.

1.  Tax Advantages – When set up properly the proper legal entity gives you significant tax advantages. This is what I mean when I talk about creating a tax-advantaged environment.

2. Asset protection – This is so important into today’s litigious society. When you have assets that everyone knows about, you are inviting others to come and get them! It is your legal right to protect what you have worked so . . . → Read More: Legal Entities – Choosing the Right One for Maximum Wealth Building

The Best Legal Entity to Protect Assets and Reduce Taxes Pt 2

To continue a few more ideas from our Monday night’s Connector Coaching call, here are a few more thoughts on the best legal entities to consider. There’s a lot more to know about the tax advantages and asset protection features of each of these but this will give you an overview of the pros and cons of each legal entity (Check out yesterday’s post for more).

Limited Partnerships – In this legal structure the partners cannot be actively involved in the management of the business. It’s important to be realistic with this. If you’re the kind of person that has to have your voice heard and you can’t avoid getting involved, this structure is not for you. Limited means limited.

If you do get involved you can lose your status as a limited partner and that opens a whole different set of issues and defeats the original intent. All . . . → Read More: The Best Legal Entity to Protect Assets and Reduce Taxes Pt 2

The Decision to Build Lifelong Wealth – An Interview With Jim Britt

Building LIfelong Wealth is easier with mentors like Jim Britt.

I had a great conversation with the highly successful entrepreneur, master coach, and millionaire, Jim Britt on one of our recent connector calls. Jim shared some great insight about what it’s taken him to become a millionaire. If anyone understands the process of building lifelong wealth, it’s Jim.

If you are looking for a wealth building mentor let Jim be your wealth building guide! He was a great interview and I’ve typed up some highlights from that call so you have a clue what we talk about in our wealth coaching calls. Here are a few of my notes and a 10-minute audio clip from the call.

Jim talked about how he went from having $9.00 in his pocket and going to 23 different banks to get financing for his first business opportunity. Once he found the money he . . . → Read More: The Decision to Build Lifelong Wealth – An Interview With Jim Britt

Wealth Building Tips with Jim Britt on our Connector Call

Here are a few more wealth building tips from my Connector Coaching call with Jim Britt!

“How may I help you?”

Jim agreed with me that to build wealth in today’s economy, it’s a good idea to have a job to keep some form of revenue coming in while you look for ways to start your own business or leverage your money in tax advantaged ways.  Here are a few more highlights I’ve paraphrased from that Connector Coaching call interview with the very wealthy and very kind Jim Britt


When starting your business, don’t start desperate. Desperate people push investors away If the business plan says something about catching up on the pickup payments nobody will (nor should they) invest Opportunity stays far away from desperation Start your business to focus on giving others value not on all the money you are going to make. See things from the . . . → Read More: Wealth Building Tips with Jim Britt on our Connector Call

Term Sheets as Part of your Wealth Building Strategy

First, a couple reminders. Nov 14 , 15, we’re having IWS 2. This is our next level in the Infinite Wealth System. If you’ve been to another Infinite Wealth System workshop or taken our online course you are qualified to go to the next level of our wealth training programs. Visit www.wealthclasses.com and click on classes to learn more.

One of the topics of our last Connector Coaching call is a critical part of any wealth building strategy. Term Sheets are legal documents that create a clear starting point for a business venture. Here is part of the definition from Wikipedia…

A term sheet is a bullet-point document outlining the material terms and conditions of a business agreement. After a Term Sheet has been “executed”, it guides legal counsel in the preparation of a proposed “final agreement”. It then guides, but is not necessarily binding, as the signatories negotiate, usually . . . → Read More: Term Sheets as Part of your Wealth Building Strategy

Wealth Building Strategy Requires a Health Building Strategy

Any wealth building strategy should include a health building strategy. So here are a couple of wealth building tips based on health building tips.

Stress can take the health out of wealth real fast unless you learn how to manage it. Stress is linked to major diseases like cancer, heart failure, even arthritis! Now don’t go getting all stressed out over these nasty stats, there are some simple solutions you can do today to reduce your stress levels while you make your millions. Stop pulling your hair out and read a little more. The best anti-aging program is a stress release program. And, since you’re working so hard at creating your wealth building strategy I know you’re going to want to be around a long time to spend all the money!

Here are three effective ways to lower your stress levels today!

Practice the 3-D’s!

The three D’s . . . → Read More: Wealth Building Strategy Requires a Health Building Strategy

Plan for Retirement While Planning to be Here

Does your plan for retirement include you being there, fit and fine? I got a lot of feedback from my students yesterday on a few of my simple wealth building, health building tips so I thought I would add a few more.

If you want to see your retirement planning efforts pay off then you’ve got to take care of yourself in the meantime! We always talk about estate planning, establishing asset protection strategies and creating wealth in a tax-advantaged environment but we don’t always talk a lot about our health!

You need to be strong and healthy to enjoy the fruits of your financial labor! Here are a few more health tips/wealth tips that we all need to be practicing by the time the retirement planning process ends and the retirement living begins!

Breathe to Achieve! Too many of us live on caffeine while operating on high stress and . . . → Read More: Plan for Retirement While Planning to be Here

Most Missed Tax Deductions – Is Your Dog a Tax Deduction?

Learn how your dog might be a legit tax deduction Home based business owners are leaving money on the table when they don’t capitalize on their legitimate tax deductions. The most missed tax deductions are often around the home office. Here are some money saving tax deduction ideas that anyone working from home should know about.

Tax Deductions – The More You Know the More You Keep Always check with your tax and/or financial adviser before making any changes to your taxes but in this Connector Coaching call I share examples of ways you can legally and safely reduce your taxes by taking approved tax deductions. Here’s a snippit of a typical Monday night Connector Coaching call!

Tax Deductions – Home Offices Offer Many This Podcast is an example of what we provide in our weekly wealth coaching calls. For example, you can’t deduct your home as a residence. . . . → Read More: Most Missed Tax Deductions – Is Your Dog a Tax Deduction?